Next meeting is Thursday, April 16th, 2020
7:00 p.m. at City Limits.

Fritz Dramm, Fertilizer Production Manager, for the Dramm Corporation in Manitowoc will be the guest speaker for the April 16th meeting. At that time Fritz will discuss their fertilizer production operation and their use of fish waste from fish cleaning facilities in their process to create high end fertilizers.

The meeting will also include the monthly raffle and lunch.

The October meeting provided an opportunity for club members to compete in the annual smoked fish and smoked fish spread contest. I am glad I was not one of the judges because after sampling the entries at lunch time members attending said it would have been difficult to select a winner. All the entries were great and enjoyed by all attending.

Smoked Fish winners from right to left are Ken Lau (1st Place), Joe Stanzel (2nd Place), and Bruce Meissner (3rd Place.

Smoked Fish Spread winners from left to right were Terry Meissner (1st Place), and Jerry Kirk (2nd Place).


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