Northeastern Wisconsin
Great Lakes Sport Fishermen
Manitowoc - Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Northeastern Wisconsin Great Lakes Sport Fishermen (NEWGLSF) serves approximately 500 members and 40 business sponsors annually. NEWGLSF was created in 1974 to provide a civilian agency to work with the public and its elected officials, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the    Federal Fish and Wildlife Service, and all Federations or Councils to protect and enhance our Great Lakes Sport Fishery.

NEWGLSF operates one of the Best Cold-Water Trout and Salmon Rearing Facilities along Wisconsin’s East Coast at the Manitowoc Lincoln Park Zoo. The organization has raised and released over 6,000,000 trout and salmon for Lake Michigan sport fishermen. In the last several years NEWGLSF has invested nearly $20,000 in improvements to the Trout and Salmon Rearing Facility.

Other NEWGLSF Community Support:

Fundraisers for NEWGLSF include:

NEWGLSF has monthly meetings at City Limits, formerly the Club Bil-Mar, with the average attendance of 100 individuals. Guest speakers from all over the Great Lakes States, provide fishing tips and information on new products for our local fishermen.

Please check our website at www.newglsf.org for more detailed information about Northeastern Wisconsin Great Lakes Sport Fishermen.